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How Do You Spell Debt Relief?
by Tim Gorman
Of all the problems possible in a marriage, finances cause the most marital discord. Many singles consider finances to be their most worrisome issue. Many times this is due to a heavy debt burden. Several options exist to help people get debt reli
Debt Collectors; And what you can do to Get Them Out of your Life
by Kenneth DeLashmutt
FTC opinion letter on validation Section 809(a) of the FDCPA, 15 U.S.C. 1692g(a)This will be a pretty long lesson and will cover an integral part of validation which is the receipt of the initial or first contact with the debtor by a coll

Bankruptcy, Is It A Way Out
by Darryl Power
Negotiations with creditors have failed. Repossession is imminent and foreclosure proceedings have begun. Your income is simply not sufficient to pay your bills, no matter how low the payments are. It may be time to consider bankruptcy.Bank

Top Ten Reasons People File for Bankruptcy
by Tim S
1. Eliminate the legal obligation to pay many of your debts.This process of wiping the slate clean is called a discharge of debts. The goal of a discharge is to reduce debt to give you a fresh start. Whether it is through straight bankruptc

What Is A Chapter 13 Bankruptcy?
by Tim Gorman
Many consumers that are bogged down in debt frequently turn to bankruptcy as a form of restoring their financial status back to a zero balance. Unfortunately many of these same consumers are confused when it comes to the difference between a Chap

Is There Any Way To Get Out Of Debt?
by Joseph T Farkasdi
In this era where we are bombarded daily with commercials on television, radio, billboards, through email, not to forget the flyers slipped under the car's wiper blades while shopping at the mall, it's no surprise that so many of us find oursel

What Is A FICO Score?
by Tim Gorman
Your FICO score or credit score as its commonly called is a very important calculation that can control whether or not you are eligible to receive credit and if eligible the terms you can receive credit under. Failure to understand the impact th

Debt Collectors: Men or Mice?
by A.M. Harris
Who are these people anyway? They viciously harass you and call you bad names. They embarrass you beyond belief by leaving detailed messages with your neighbors and at your workplace. In extreme cases, they have been known to stalk you!D

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