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Debt Consolidation
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Do It Yourself Debt Relief
by Tim Gorman
With mounting bills and unforeseen hardships, you may be considering some form of debt relief. There are many options to help you, but the best may actually be you helping yourself. Here are some suggestions for starting debt relief and becoming m
American Consumer Debt Issues
by Lance Winslow
Many consumers in America have substantial debt. In the average case a consumer has 1.5 times annual earnings in short-term debt; credit cards and car payments. This is frightful as many Americans if they lose their jobs they will be out of cash t

Americans in Debt
by Lance Winslow
The average American is in debt research shows. Many have up to 1.5 times annual earnings in short term debt; credit cards and new car loans. This is a huge problem indeed as citizens of the United States fail to save. Some believe it is the banks

Free Quick and Easy Money Saving Tips - Part 1
by Tim Gorman
With the high cost of gasoline and the amount of money needed to lead a comfortable life slowly increasing many consumers may be worried about how to make ends meet. Fortunately there are lots of ways to save money in a variety of areas. Using a

Free Quick and Easy Money Saving Tips - Part 2
by Tim Gorman
Although many consumers would argue differently saving money doesn’t have to be difficult. In fact by making just a few changes in your normal lifestyle you can find ways to free up extra cash that can be put to better use in a savings account or

The 7 Secrets to Getting-and Staying-Out of Debt
by Rob Sallay
As vice president of the American Credit Foundation, a nonprofit organization that helps individuals and families manage their debt, Mike Peterson knows firsthand how financial problems can wreak havoc in one’s life. Each day, counselors at the Mi

Personal Bankruptcy: Last Option To Legally Stop Bill Collectors
by I-key Benney
Do you have stacks of unpaid bills?Are you in debt?Are bill collectors hounding you?Are you frustrated and annoyed and wish to get them off your back?If you answer yes, then pay close attention.Filing for a perso

by Al Thomas
We all know about debt. If you don't have too much as an individual you can increase the quality of your life, but with more than you can handle it can make your life a nightmare.There are two kinds of debt. Usually it is personal and used

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