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Debt Consolidation
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Senate Passes New Bankruptcy Law
by Randy Ray
The United States Senate passed a law on March 10, 2005 that changes the bankruptcy laws in America. It is expected that the House of Representatives will look to pass the same bill in April, which will send it to President Bush for his signature.
How to Negotiate Debt Settlements
by Gary Gresham
Knowing how to negotiate debt settlements is the key to securing your financial future. Debt negotiation is the process where in you will contact your creditors and will appeal to them with an offer to pay off the amount you owe in easier install

Going Bankrupt in the World
by Sam Vaknin, Ph.D.
It all starts by defaulting on an obligation: Money owed to creditors or to suppliers is not paid on time, interest payments due on bank loans or on corporate bonds issued to the public are withheld. It may be a temporary problem - or a permanent

Budgeting and Debt Management
by Cheryl Johnson
Debt management (specifically unsecured) is the first step to taking control of your money! Add a household budgeting plan and you've got a powerful tool for money management.Together, budgeting and debt management build financial security

New Bankruptcy Law - Targeting the Wrong People?
by Charles Essmeier
Last April, President Bush enthusiastically signed into law the oddly-named Bankruptcy Abuse and Consumer Protection Act. This bill, representing the biggest overhaul of bankruptcy law in twenty-five years, was written in order to discourage “bank

Corporate Debt Management - Perspective on the Why
by Vinodh Pushparaj
Entrepreneurs have a tough time in their formative years. They try too many things to get a foothold on this competitive business climate, and that too they try them too soon. When they enter into new fields that have great promise and bet on new

Home Equity - Foreclosure Often Not Necessary in Current Market
by Charles Essmeier
While driving around your community, you may have seen signs posted on telephone poles that offer “foreclosure help.” These seemingly generous offers to help financially troubled homeowners who are in danger of losing their homes to foreclosure a

Credit Counseling - Signs That You May Need Help
by Rick Munster
Credit counseling is a viable option for those who are feeling the stress of being overwhelmed by debt. Credit counseling primarily offers assistance with working out a credit and debt repayment plan for an individual to gain control of their fina

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