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Is Independence Overrated?
by David D. Wells
Happy Independence Day from The Money Motivator!If you don't celebrate "The 4th of July" like we do in the United States, today still presents you with an awesome opportunity to examine your independence.Independence means the qualit
Credit and Debt Counseling
by Jimmy Sturo
Credit and debt counseling consists of educating and informing people on how to manage their debt and on how to make prudent use of credit. It is very obvious that both are related. The smart use of credit can go a long way toward keeping one out

Free Debt Management Programs
by Max Bellamy
Free debt management programs are designed to overcome the burden of debt accumulated from personal loans, medical bills, credit cards and unpaid utility bills. Choosing the right free debt management program is the primary step on the way to endi

Who To Go To For Debt Advice?
by Roy Thomsitt
Personal debt is not only a very common problem in Western countries; it is a very difficult problem to prevent, or overcome, at an individual level. It is, indeed, very personal. For that reason, many people may want to keep quiet about it, and m

How to Reduce Debt with Credit Counseling?
by Carrie Reeder
Unless given a large lump sum of money, there is no easy way to quickly reduce excessive debts. Nonetheless, there are practical approaches to managing debts and gradually becoming debt free. One method involves credit counseling. Credit counselin

Consumer Debt Relief Information – How to Qualify for Debt Consolidation Services?
by Carrie Reeder
There are several debt elimination solutions. Homeowners and persons with good credit have extra options. Nonetheless, several services and companies are available to assist people struggling with excessive debts. If opting to find relief through

Use A Debt Counseling Service To Eliminate The Debt Collector's Ghost
by Tim Gorman
Seeking out debt counseling may be a good idea if you are someone that consistently gets harassed by debt collectors because you've fallen behind on your bills or perhaps you barely manage to make the minimum monthly payment to your credit cards o

Debt Help
by Damian Sofsian
Modern governments make it a point of honor to repay their debts. Debt repayment maintains and strengthens the national credit. If a national emergency arises later, it will be easy to raise funds. The repayment of loans also releases funds for tr

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