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Free Quick and Easy Money Saving Tips – Part 2
by Tim Gorman
Although many consumers would argue differently saving money doesn’t have to be difficult. In fact by making just a few changes in your normal lifestyle you can find ways to free up extra cash that can be put to better use in a savings account or
Debt Reduction Strategies
by Cynthia Crown
There are many ways to reduce debts and some of the options by which you can reduce debts are1. Deceasing the expenditure 2. increasing the revenue streams 3. paying back the debts which are overdue instantly 4. making use of

Credit Repair Advice: Some Credit Repair Services Can Harm Your Credibility
by Sherry Frewerd
Credit repair advice is a highly sought after service these days. Good credit repair advice, however, is getting harder to come by. With all the programs claiming the ability to ‘fix’ your credit, finding advice is easy; but beware the many credit

Credit Repair Advice: How to Improve Your Credit Score
by Sherry Frewerd
Our credit scores determine much about how we live our lives. We buy practically everything on credit. When applying for a loan, our good credit scores help us receive reasonable interest rates. In fact, from landlords, to insurance companies, to

Why Reduced Repayments Are Refused
by Stuart Laing
Okay, so you've worked out your financial position and made your creditors an offer to repay your debt at a reduced rate. But your offer is refused.What's gone wrong? Well, there are three main reasons why reduced repayments are refused.

Only Buy What You Really Need
by Stuart Laing
One of the best ways to reduce your spending is to cut back on the items that you don’t NEED to buy. Every time you’re on the verge of buying something, ask yourself ‘do I really need this, or is it just another whim that will lie in a c

Identify The Reason For Your Non-Essential Spending
by Stuart Laing
Before you can cut back on your non essential spending, the first thing you need to do is to work out why you buy items that you don't need. Once you can do that, you'll find it much easier to cut your spending and repay your debts.Look

Resist Debt, Pay Off Debt and Become Free
by Dennis Watson
Debt management is one of the hardest thing that families face today and living in America seems to make it twice as hard. We live in a country where it is normal to live way beyond our means. There is temptation at every corner and hundreds of le

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