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Debt Consolidation
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Life After Debt – Strategies for Dealing with Problem Debt
by Brian Sabalinski
Honorably and ethically rid yourself of burdensome debts using the little known Negotiation Strategy, without having to experience the loss of control and privacy associated with filing for bankruptcy, consolidation, or credit counseling.Th
9 Steps to Get Out of Debt - Part 8
by Jeremy Zongker
Most people are only one major disaster or a few weeks of unemployment away from bankruptcy. If you have done all this work to get out of debt, you don’t want it to all be in vain, just by one major crisis hitting you or your family. There’s nothi

9 Steps to Get Out of Debt - Part 9
by Jeremy Zongker
Step 9 - InvestingThis is the last article in our series on how to get and stay out of debt. So far you have learned the impact of debt, how to analyze your debt, reduce your interest rates, free up some extra income, pay off your debt, avo

Credit Card Debt - Getting The Help You Need
by James McDonald
Accumulating too much credit card debt is probably the number one thing people do to get themselves into financial trouble. Credit cards are so easy to get and once you get them, you only have to pay a minimum amount each month. By doing this your

Top 3 Debt Management Tips
by Stuart Langridge
1. Be honest about it.If you need to ask a lender for help, tell them why and be honest. If it gets worse in the future, and you lied at the outset, you'll get no help later on. In all areas of money, and life for that matter, having a repu

Non Profit Debt Management Groups
by Stuart Langridge
There are a number of debt management non profit groups that can and will be really helpful to you. I don't pretend to be a resource that knows everything about every organisation, so I apologise here and now for my ignorance about other groups.

Debt Elimination is Very Important
by Suzzana Pepper
Debt elimination is very important and thus it should be eliminated very fast. If debt isn't eliminated fast, then it can become a big burden. Debt doesn't allow any savings or investments for the future. Debt happens when there is a gap betwee

Make a Debt Elimination Plan
by Grateford Jameson
People take a variety of loans for a variety of purposes. If you think that you have a huge debt and want to eliminate it, then ask a financial planner to make a debt elimination plan for you. They will look into your revenue streams and the spend

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