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Debt Consolidation
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Top Ten Reasons People File for Bankruptcy
by Tim S
1. Eliminate the legal obligation to pay many of your debts.This process of wiping the slate clean is called a discharge of debts. The goal of a discharge is to reduce debt to give you a fresh start. Whether it is through straight bankruptc
A History of Money and Banking Secrets That Banks Don't Want Published
by Mark Cella
A History of Money and TradeTo start with a history of money and debt, we must go back many years ago when people used to trade their wares for the things they wanted and needed.In place of money or Federal Reserve Notes, you

Credit Counseling or Bankruptcy: Which is Best for You?
by Ethan Hunter
People often get to a place where they simply can’t pay their bills, especially in today’s economy which is not particularly sympathetic toward the poor or even the middle class. Inflation has impacted nearly every facet of daily life including f

Eliminate Your Credit Card Debt, But How?
by Steve Faber
Can a debt consolidation loan eliminate your credit card debt? A consolidation loan might (or might not) be the key. There are several things you must consider when making the choice to consolidate debt using a debt consolidation loan.First

Out of Credit Card Debt - Without Filing Bankruptcy
by Mark Cella
To be out of credit card debt is your dream and you’re tired of the redundant advice to live within your means. Look no further.Most people that give advice about how to get out of debt, have absolutely no clue why things are the way they a

Debt Reduction, a Necessary Endeavour
by Jay Moncliff
Massive debt is something many Americans face. Debt reduction is now becoming more and more of a necessity. Even a low amount of debt can cost you a lot in the end and it can take a very long time to pay off. An example: Let's say you have $40

Deal with All Your Debts with Care!
by Linda Louis
Lots of people take a large ammount of loans and suddenly they discovered that they're in debt and life seems pretty gloomy for them, in this situation please don't despair. Most people have been there and know just how easily it can creep up o

Get Out Of Debt Faster With Debt Stacking
by James Louis
Each month you pay the minimums and although you KNOW you've got a handle on it - you are not charging your credit card or accumulating new debts anymore - it seems that you will be paying the minimum fees forever.Did you know that HOW you

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