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Bankruptcy Interest Increases as Deadline Approaches
by Charles Essmeier
Congress recently passed sweeping legislation that will significantly reform American bankruptcy law. Designed to eliminate the “convenience bankruptcy” of compulsive gamblers and the financially irresponsible, this legislation will make it more
Advanced Debt Management Services
by Ken Marlborough
Are you tired of facing the same debt problems again and again? Do you find it hard to pay the amounts you owe your creditors? If you are having trouble making payments you can apply on line for advanced debt management services offered by some de

Debt Management
by Alison Cole
Are you tired of searching for sources on debt management? These marketing lines will greet you with phrases like, “feeling way in over your head with debts?” If you’re looking for ways to become debt-free as soon as possible, learn how to pool

Debt Free: The Only Way!
by Matthew Keegan
America is a debtor nation. Our national debt is soaring, we owe money to foreign governments and individuals, and personal debt remains at an all time high. If we keep on this course, our nation will be bankrupt our personal lives in ruins. The f

Debt Management Programs
by Alison Cole
Debt management service providers know firsthand the issues and the amount of stress that debt problems can bring. Whether it is debt on credit cards, housing loans, car loans, medical or utility bills, or personal loans and credits incurred, the

How do you Stop Spiraling Credit Card Debt?
by Jon Francis
In today's world, when even the most modest financial transactions are made via plastic, it's easier than ever to get caught up in a spiraling twist of rising credit card debt. You don't MEAN to do it, but an outing charged on your credit c

How to Double Your Debt Collections
by Jim Finucan
Believe it or not, the success of your attempt to collect a debt is usually decided right at the beginning of your phone call – with the very first thing you say after the other party says hello. Knowing exactly what you are going to say – and han

How to Cut Credit Card Debt
by Richard Townsend
Most Americans have too much credit card debt. Duh, we've all heard that before, right? Only now its gotten a bit personal... right again? You personally have too much credit card debt and its about to drive you crazy.Well there IS h

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