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How Do You Spell Debt Relief?
by Tim Gorman
Of all the problems possible in a marriage, finances cause the most marital discord. Many singles consider finances to be their most worrisome issue. Many times this is due to a heavy debt burden. Several options exist to help people get debt reli
Putting Together a Plan To Get Out of Debt
by Carrie Reeder
Aggressive marketing techniques and easy to obtain credit cards make it all too simple to find yourself in a sticky debt situation. If you have found yourself in skyrocketing card debts, there are a few sure-fire ways to stop the climbing interest

Seven Steps on How to File for Bankruptcy
by Billy Baxter
In the 21st century, many men and women find themselves struggling to keep their heads above water financially. With ever mounting debt, these people oftentimes need to seek relief by filing for bankruptcy. Perhaps you are such a person who is f

Finding A Credit Counselor You Can Trust
by Iwona Kurecka
One of the most important decisions faced by those with financial difficulties is finding a competent and honest debt counselor to help them. There are many fine firms in the debt counseling business, and most are honest and forthright with their

Access Your Debt Problem!
by Ian Booth
When debt becomes difficult or impossible to repay it is hard to know what to do and whom to turn to. Most people struggling with debt are not aware of the options they have and find themselves going round in circles often borrowing more and more

Kill Off Your Evil Credit Cards with a Home Equity Line of Credit
by Anthony Schiffbauer
Ok, tired of those ridiculous credit card statements? Time to refinance! If you own a home chances are your bank will help you out with your bills...and at rates that at a fraction of what your existing credit card rate. If you are payi

An Overlooked "Secret" to Getting Out of Middle Class Debt Permanently
by Mari Geasair
Think About Your Money In A New Way To Get Out of Debt!Everyone has heard that to get out of debt they need to earn more and spend less, and keep earning more and spending less as a permanent life style. If this is common knowledge,

Debt Problems? How To Avoid Credit Card Debt
by Carrie Reeder
It is all too easy to find yourself in the traps of credit card debt. Those shiny, plastic pieces of money are easy to obtain and even easier to spiral out of control. The best way to establish good credit is through responsible financial habits t

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