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The Debt Free Lifestyle
by John Cook
Many people have been taught that you cannot get ahead without debt. We are also inundated with advertising telling us we can have anything we want. All we need to do is put it on our credit card.We have become an impatient society, we wa
Debt Relief: Is It Out There?
by T Potter
Debt relief is truly something many people are looking for answers about. Is there a way that you can pay off those debts and have all that you want to have? In most cases, we don’t really see debt until it piles up higher than we can see past.

A Repayment Plan For Your Outstanding Debt
by Martin Lukac
It is critical to develop a reasonable repayment plan if you ever intend to pay off your outstanding debt. Many people do not even want to think about the repayment plan, because it involves looking at income and balances owed and establishing a b

Become Debt Free - Advice We Can All Use!
by Paul Darvell
I am sure you know the problem, every month counting the days to pay day, worrying about your finances. I think that just about everyone at some point in their life has experienced this.Unfortunately, many people hear the adverts from the l

Why People Get in Debt and How to Eliminate It Quickly!
by Abe Shanon
The reasons people start to drown in credit card and other debt are many. It might be a spouse passed away, divorce or they bought things they couldn't afford to pay back. One of the most common reasons for people getting in debt trouble is their

How To Avoid Credit Card Debt And Be Stress Free?
by Devi Sri
Debt is a crisis. It disturbs normal life and people suffer from all the possible intricacies in life because of debt. Debt usually happens because of inaccurate planning, over expenditure and currently, the over use of credit cards which crea

Uk Consumers Start Clawing Their Way Out Of The Financial Debt Pit
by Michael Hanna
Another year ended, and another round of UK debt statistics. CreditAction has just announced the latest summing up of the personal debt situation in the UK. Their figures show that the end of 2005 has seen the total level of person

Debt Management
by Troy H
Over the last 5 years, the topic of “Debt Management” has continued to include more and more types of debt. From consumer credit card debt to debt consolidation and refinancing. Each of these topics can be quite complex and this article will not

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