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Debt Getting You Down? - Make a List!
by Emmanuel Mendonca
Debt is not much fun and when faced with it, people sometimes look for complicated debt solutions and often overlook the many simple ways that you can save money. Believe it or not, one of the simplest and most effective debt solutions is to get h
Why You Should Get Out of Debt Today?
by Carmen Shearer
The main reason for getting out of debt today, is because people with little or not debt have more control over their future:1. They have more discretionary income, meaning that you won't be living pay check after pay check as you probably

Debt Validation: Do you have to pay ?
by Alan Barnes
It happens all the time. Debt collectors try to collect on debts that consumers have no knowledge of or never owed in the first place. So, what do you do when a bill collector demands payment in full on a debt that you never knew existed? You need

Bankruptcy: What You Need to Know
by Alan Barnes
Personal bankruptcy is a legal way to give people with overwhelming debt a fresh financial start. Many people do not realize that there are five types of bankruptcy options available under the U.S. Bankruptcy Code; however, for most consumers ther

Bankruptcy As An Option
by Tim Gorman
If your financial worries are preventing you from sleeping at night, then you may have considered bankruptcy in hope of a little relief. Usually, consumers only turn to bankruptcy if there is no other hope for them to get out of debt. Many have

Bankruptcy: Which Chapter Do I File?
by Tim Gorman
There is more than one kind of bankruptcy. You should understand your options before deciding which chapter of bankruptcy you are going to file for, or if you are going to file for bankruptcy at all. Often the consequences of bankruptcy outweigh

Bankruptcy Abuse
by Tim Gorman
Bankruptcy is little more than a smack on the hand these days. Creditors are certainly not going to look at you as a wise credit risk after bankruptcy, but that will probably not stop them from extending credit to you anyways. It seems a bit odd

Bankruptcy Reform
by Tim Gorman
There are some new bankruptcy laws going into effect before long and many think they are much needed. Of course, that depends on which side of the bankruptcy you are a part of. Creditors are going to be the ones to benefit from the new laws, but

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