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New Bankruptcy Law – Targeting the Wrong People?
by Charles Essmeier
Last April, President Bush enthusiastically signed into law the oddly-named Bankruptcy Abuse and Consumer Protection Act. This bill, representing the biggest overhaul of bankruptcy law in twenty-five years, was written in order to discourage “bank
Medical Bills Debt Relief
by Katie Spencer
They say an apple a day keeps the doctor away; yeah well so does having no medical insurance. Many of you reading this right now may be thinking I’m only kidding but the alarming fact is that 43.6 million American’s are walking around right no

Radical Debt Reduction Solutions
by Matthew Keegan
Are you in debt? Have you run out of options? There are solutions out there, some radical, but one or more may be what you need to help you get out of debt.1. Bankruptcy. Yes, bankruptcy is an option for some, especially if there is

Quality Debt Settlement Businesses
by Matthew Keegan
Are you in debt? If so, you might need the help of one of the many quality debt settlement businesses available to you to help pay off what you owe. Finding such businesses isn’t always easy, and there are some questions you must ask before you co

How to Get Out of Debt
by Paul Disley
Every year consumer debt in the UK increases and so more and more people are asking themselves the question “how do I get out of debt?”. At this point it may seem like an impossibility which is why this article provides some very sensible guidance

Eliminate Credit Card Debt Legally - Strategies for Paying Off Credit Cards
by Carrie Reeder
Eliminating credit card debt legally will free up funds in your monthly budget. It will also improve your credit score so you can qualify for better rates on future purchases, such as a car or home. To start getting your credit cards under c

After Bankruptcy Reform, Consumers Are Now Learning How To Discharge Debt
by Jim Vrana
Thanks to the new bankruptcy reform laws, many Americans who are overburdened by their credit card debt will no longer qualify for Chapter 7 bankruptcy protection. However, consumers need to know that an alternative exists for people to walk away

Learn To Break The Chains Of Debt
by Craig Cherry
You Can Either Spend a Few Minutes Learning How to Break the Chains of Debtor Enjoy Being a SLAVE To Your Debt For The Next 25-30 YEARSIt amazes me that there are things like this out there, available to anyone, that no one really wants to

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